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Alexandra E. Haniford



American University, Washington, D.C.

Film and Media Arts, B.A./ Anthropology, Minor, May2012

Relevant Course Work: Large Format Photography, Fine Art Photography, Basic Photo, Social Documentary - DigitalStory Telling, TV Studio Production, Film & Video I, Video Art I, DigitalImaging, Practicum - Final Cut Pro 7, Language & Human Culture

Orange County High School of the Arts, Santa Ana, CA

Creative Writing, May 2008

Field Experience

Project Photographer, Remodel Virgina LLC, April 2015

·       Responsible for shooting and providing high quality photographs of home interiors                     after remodels are completed

·       Designs scenes by rearranging furniture and props; makes use of natural lighting and                 creates visually pleasing scenes in various types of rooms

·       Edits images for web and print optimizationcorrects color and completes necessary                 alterations to images using Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop

Associate, DC FreeAmericanUniversity/NBC Washington, Fall 2010 (Aired Spring 2011)

·       Works as apart of a creative team to produce weekly episodes

·       Responsiblefor filming documentary footage of free events on location

·       In charge of research & event coordination with featured participants and venues

·       Operates TV studio camera equipment


CS6 Photoshop 

CC Lightroom

Final Cut Pro 7

Microsoft Office Suite 

CS4 Illustrator

Film and Digital Photography

  • Landscapes, Portraits, and Studio


Creative Assistant, Jewel Pottery, October 2014 – Feb 2015

·     Assists potter with listings on Etsy; photographs pottery for web sales and promotional             materials, archives images, and organizes merchandise for shipment

·    Mixes glazes and assist with the beginnings ofdifferent pottery projects

Photography Assistant, PaulFetters, January2012-April 2012

·       Sets up photographic equipment & strobe light systems, and assists photographer with             exposures, light metering & adjustments to lights, reflectors, diffusers, and filters

·       Archives written information into digital files, scans negatives, re-photographs using a                 copy stand, uploads image files from memory cards to external drive locations,and                     completes administrative work including edits of digital images with Adobe Photoshop 

Featured Works / Achievements

Group Exhibition, PequenosAugust 2015, Gallery U Boutique

Single Image,Cathedra in the Pines  Digital Print

Certificate in WebDesign Basics, December 2014, UNCC – ContinuingEducation

Nominee for Best Single Image, Visions2012, American University

BathFaucet in Sunlight– Digital Print

Nominee for Best Experimental/Installation, Visions2011, American University

Sansa White Picket FencePhoto Sculpture & "Polaroid" Transfers

Professional Experience 

SocialMedia Coordinator & Office AssistantBread & Chocolate, May 2013-May 2014

·   Updates and manages company-wide social media forTwitter, Facebook & Linkedin; debuts     new profiles as needed

·   Assists both the CFO & Director of Retail Operations with various tasks including data entry,     data audits, research & purchases, close of the month responsibilities, and updates of               employee files

·   Updates daily & monthly retail budgets using excel

·   Designs and distributes marketing materials & company advertisements

·   Invoices customers for wholesale orders and follows up on billing discrepancies

Lab Assistant & TA – Basic PhotoAmerican University, August 2010-May 2012

·    Assists professor with demo or notes during lecture/critique; models for                                       photographs

·    Reviews student contact sheets; mentors students on their print selections and discusses         series design; assists with mat cutting for final display prints

·    Responsible for daily darkroom & studiosetup/cleanup

·    Produces and maintains darkroom chemistry

·    Troubleshoots mechanical problems with darkroom & photographic equipment

·    Answers phone calls at the lab office, updates a lab blog & makes studio reservations

·   Curates display cases in university hallways

TA& Production Assistant – Social Documentary,American University, Aug-Dec. 2011

·    Connects students with community members in Wards 7 & 8 by leading story circles at the        Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum

·    Assists Professor with research for grant applications

·    Facilitates students' creation of personal digital stories

·    Leads discussions with students about the ability of digital stories to humanize trauma &            connect communities by building storyteller-witness relationships

·    Presents lessons on storyboards, journal entries, and personal narratives

·    Creates event posters and updates course material in an online archive

·    Honors community members’ achievements at a public screening at the AU Weschler                Theater where participants' share their personal stories created over the course of 3                  months

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